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Introduction to Trait Packs

Trait Packs are poised to redefine the customization of the Goons: Genesis collection. As we gear up for the official launch of the interactive platform with its state-of-the-art three.js technology, Trait Packs are set to be a cornerstone feature, offering collectors a hands-on way to inject individuality into their Goons.

The Concept of Trait Packs

Trait Packs will provide an engaging and interactive method for collectors to enhance their Goons, available via Magic Eden. These limited edition packs come loaded with a variety of new and exclusive traits that can be unveiled through an exciting 'rip-open' reveal.

Inside the Trait Packs

  • Limited Edition Traits: Each pack contains a selection of new traits that can be applied to your Goon, instantly upgrading its aesthetics and rarity.
  • Additional Surprises: Beyond traits, packs may include other surprise rewards, such as exclusive merchandise or cryptocurrency prizes.

Availability and Launch

  • Coming in 2024: The official release details for Trait Packs will be announced in 2024, including dates, availability, and purchasing options.
  • Limited Edition: Emphasizing their exclusivity, each Trait Pack drop will be available for only a limited period, making each trait and surprise inside even more valuable.

The Goons Shop Premiere

  • Goons ShopLaunch: Trait Packs will debut alongside the launch of Goons Shop, showcasing the impressive capabilities of three.js and enhancing the collector's experience.


Stay tuned to for all the latest information on the release and availability of Trait Packs. Prepare to enhance your Goons: Genesis collection with new traits and surprises that bring added fun and value to your Web 3 experience.