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Introducing Our HoldersClub

Goons Club isn't just a project; it's a vibrant community hub spanning Discord, Twitter, and a bespoke website, designed to bring members together like never before. Whether it's through engaging discussions, sharing art and memes, or connecting over video games, Goons Club offers a space for everyone.

Discord: The Heart of Our Community

Our Discord server is where the magic happens. Members can chat in various languages, share artwork, engage in voice chats, and much more. It's a place where creativity and camaraderie flourish, supported by:

  • Daily chats in multiple languages
  • Artwork and meme sharing
  • Voice chat rooms for gaming and project collaborations
  • Five community-run teams based on our core lines: Anime, Sci-Fi, Fashion, Sports, and Pop Art

Sub-DAOs for Collaborative Creation

For those passionate about developing products and experiences within specific subcultures, our Sub-DAOs offer a unique opportunity. Join a team aligned with your interests, collaborate, and contribute to the Goons ecosystem.

Goons Club: A Three.js Revolution

Our website, holders.thegoonsclub.com, is where our community's digital life converges with cutting-edge technology. Powered by three.js, it promises a gamified and immersive experience that redefines online interaction.

Immersive Web Experiences

Imagine a website that feels like entering a new world, where interactions are not just clicks but engaging experiences:

  • 3D Claw Machine: Play to win physical figurines in a virtual claw machine game, with winners able to claim their prizes on Phygitals.
  • Trait Machine: Use your Goon Card and $GOON to unlock new trait packs, featuring traits inspired by popular artists, collections, and pop culture.
  • Art Creator: Exclusive to 3D Goon holders, this feature allows you to make new limited edition 3D PFPs, created in collaboration with major names in the space.

Join Us

Be part of a community that's set to revolutionize the Web3 space. Whether you're here for the art, the camaraderie, or the groundbreaking experiences, Goons Club welcomes you to a world where the possibilities are endless.