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Introducing Goons: Genesis

Goons: Genesis marks a revolution in the NFT space, merging the vibrant world of vector art with on-chain customization. This groundbreaking collection offers users the unique opportunity to personalize their digital companions, setting a new standard for interactive digital collectibles.

Dynamic On-Chain Customization

At the heart of Goons: Genesis is an innovative trait customization system that allows collectors to personalize their Goons directly on the blockchain. This feature will be showcased through the gamified interface of the upcoming website, launching in Q1 2024, promising an engaging and seamless customization experience.

Trait Packs: A New Era of Personalization

As we approach the launch of the platform, featuring advanced three.js technology, Trait Packs emerge as a pivotal aspect of the Goons: Genesis ecosystem. These packs will offer collectors a dynamic way to customize their Goons, introducing limited edition traits and potential surprise rewards, enhancing both the aesthetics and rarity of their collectibles.

The Essence of Trait Packs

  • Limited Edition Traits: Uncover new, exclusive traits to elevate the uniqueness and appeal of your Goon.
  • Surprise Elements: Trait Packs may also contain unexpected rewards, including exclusive merchandise or cryptocurrency prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing experience.
  • Availability: Set to launch in 2024, each Trait Pack drop will be limited in time, emphasizing exclusivity and adding value to each collected trait.


The Goons: Genesis collection is not merely an NFT project; it's a burgeoning ecosystem ripe with opportunities for expression, interaction, and community building. With the upcoming launch of Trait Packs and the platform, the future of digital collectibles is set to be redefined. Stay connected with for the latest updates on Trait Packs and prepare to bring unparalleled individuality to your Goons: Genesis collection.