Goons Pass

A Utility Card
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Tokenized Card

Goons Pass Collection

The Goons Pass is a gateway into an elite digital art ecosystem, embodying innovation and exclusivity at the crossroads of high-quality art and vibrant community life. Every pass unlocks a treasure trove of limited edition collectibles, premium merchandise, and exclusive club memberships, setting its holders apart in the digital collectibles landscape.

Core Features & Benefits:

  • Exclusive Ecosystem Access: Opens doors to rare figurines, merchandise, and a members-only club.
  • Priority and Discounted Access: Early and discounted access to mint collectible drops and special merchandise.
  • Special Website Privileges: Early access to and for exclusive drops and experiences.
  • Community Rewards & Event Access: Earn community engagement rewards and enjoy special treatment at exclusive events.

Strategic Roadmap:

  • 2023-2024 Launches: Introduction of Goons Pass, store, and platform, enhancing the Goons ecosystem with regular new releases and community events.
  • Phygitals Partnership: A pivotal collaboration that amplifies the Goons ecosystem, integrating digital and physical collectible realms.

Goon Pass: VIP

A token of our gratitude to the most dedicated supporters, the Goon Pass: VIP offers unmatched experiences and privileges within the Goons universe. It's an exclusive badge of honor for early supporters, active community members, and special contributors, providing:

  • Unlimited Universe Access: Unrestricted access to all Goons features, events, and releases.
  • Early Bird Privileges & Special Invitations: First access to new drops and VIP-only events for unique experiences and networking.
  • Custom Experiences & Direct Influence: Tailored VIP activities and a voice in shaping the Goons ecosystem.

Eligibility and Distribution:

The Goon Pass: VIP is awarded, not purchased, recognizing early adoption, consistent engagement, and significant community contributions.

The Future of Goon Pass: VIP:

Promising continuous enhancement of perks, the Goon Pass: VIP is set to remain an esteemed status, evolving with the community and the ecosystem. Stay connected for exclusive updates and surprises for Goon Pass: VIP holders, as we embark on this exciting journey together.