Goons 3D: Reveal Status

Taking a moment to reflect on our journey with the Goons IP and our recent endeavor, "The Rift."

March 3, 2024

Status Update: Goons 3D Reveal

We're pausing to reflect on our journey with the Goons IP and our recent initiative, "The Rift." This effort marks a significant shift, as we aim to redefine our IP through five thematic clubs: Sports, Anime, Gaming, Fashion, and Pop Art.

Reflecting on Our Beginning

Initially, Goons 3D was to launch with generic generative art. We soon realized this would result in a disjointed collection that lacked a cohesive vision. This realization prompted us to reassess our approach.

Introducing The Rift

"The Rift" isn't just about Goons 3D; it's a comprehensive reimagining of our IP. Goons 64, Goons 2D, and Goons 3D are undergoing artistic overhauls to align with our new IP guidelines.

Goal: This strategic pivot aims to make our art appealing to a broader audience, ensuring longevity and relevance.

Learning from the Anime Reveal

The Anime club reveal encountered glitches and delays. We acknowledge our shortcomings in communication and clarity. We sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Moving Forward with Fashion Club:

As we prepare to reveal the Fashion club, we're asking for your support and a fresh start. Our commitment to delivering quality, speed, and precision is stronger than ever, and we're confident in our ability to adapt and improve.

We recognize the importance of being transparent and communicative with our community. As we progress through the reveals of the remaining clubs, starting with Fashion, we promise to keep you informed every step of the way.

Closing Thoughts

We ask for your continued support and patience as we work towards revealing the next club. Let's turn the page together and embrace the new chapter of The Goons Club with optimism and excitement.